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Offrez un vol en ballon à air chaud !


What age and restrictions do you have?

Individuals of all ages can participate in ballooning, and older adults and children are welcomed. Children need to be tall enough to see over the basket (approximately 4 feet) and have the attention span to enjoy a peace-full floating sensation for at least one hour. Persons in good health but with physical conditions that restrict mobility can usually be accommodated as well, depending on the particular situation.

How safe is ballooning?

Ballooning is a very safe activity provided the weather is favorable. Our company has an excellent safety record. For the well-being of our passengers, we do not hesitate to cancel a flight due to marginal weather conditions. Our equipment is always well maintained and of the highest quality.

How high does the balloon go?

we introduce heights slowly based upon the comfort level of our passengers. On a typical flight, the pilot will vary the height from treetops to 3000 feet above the ground.

Where is your launch site ?

We launch from one of several sites around Chateau-Chalon depending of the wind direction.

Where do you land?

The beauty of ballooning is to float with the breeze, and to allow the pilot to “steer” the balloon in response to the vagaries of the wind at various altitudes. You always know where you are going to launch (Point A) but you never know exactly where you will land (Point B). That's why every single flight is unique. Balloonists always have a chase crew to follow the balloon in a chase vehicle. They will be ready on landing to help retrieve the balloon, to pack it away, and to return passengers to the launch site. Family and friends who offer the flight as a gift are welcome to join the chase and to celebrate with us afterwards.

When do you fly?

We are usually available to fly seven days a week during our operating season. We typically offer 2 flights a day, early morning and late afternoon when the air is calm and stable.

What do you should wear?

In the air, the temperature is the same as on the ground, we are moving with the wind. Clothes and shoes like going for a good walk are the best.