Vol en montgolfière au dessus du Jura, baptême de l'air, cadeau original...
Offrez un vol en ballon à air chaud !

The company

The company

Espace Montgolfières Sarl was born in Lons le Saunier
with Allain Sarrasin in 2005.

Since the company has grown up with Philippe Thevenot
who joined the company and a second balloon.





Allain discovered hot air ballooning in 1978 and immediately
loved it, he has got his pilot license the following year and
arrived in Lons le Saunier in 1981 where he started the balloon activity and shared his passion with his friends whom he teached and certified.

In 1986, he has the opportunity to move to Africa as a commercial pilot to fly over the national game reserves Samburu, Masai Mara in Kenya and the famous Serengeti in Tanzania.

In 1993, he made the decision to come back to Europe, in Germany where someone appreciated his experience to start a balloon company. After 2 years, love for Africa called him and decided to go to Kenya again until 2004. During all these years, thousands of tourists from all over the world have flown in his basket, more than 3000 hours flight.

At Christmas 2004, he comes back to his homeland and started his own balloon company Espace Montgolfières in Lons le Saunier.




Philippe was born in Jura, and joined Espace Montgolfières in 2007. After being skiing guide (alpine and cross country), he takes groups for trekking and photographs in Tyrol to Romania, Slovakia to Papua-New Guinea in Indonesia.

Today, this is in his balloon that Philippe travels over the sceneries of Jura, slowly, tirelessly !


Confirmed pilot, balloonist with a lot of passion, Philippe invites his passengers to an amazing and magic flight, flirting non-stop with poetry that comes from a balloon floating in the wind!!